Introducing, the all-in-one workspace for data analysts

Joseph Moon
4 min readJun 1, 2021 brings queries, docs, and metadata to a single workspace so you’ll never have to context switch again. Image courtesy of

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The All-In-One Workspace for Data Analysts

Today, I’m excited to announce our invite-only release of, the first all-in-one workspace for data analysts. brings queries, docs, and metadata to a single workspace. We built to address two decades of frustration around data productivity at data-driven companies such as Airbnb, Bird, and Wayfair. With, you’ll never have to context switch between multiple apps to do your data work.

Supercharging the SQL Workflow

One of the core workflows of a data analyst is writing SQL. We believe that the tools currently in the market do not address the unique needs of a data analyst in his or her SQL workflow. Why? The SQL IDE hasn’t fundamentally changed in decades and has not caught up with the expectations of a modern knowledge worker. Delightful UI/UX patterns that are table stakes for design, engineering, and product have not been introduced to the humble data worker. Until now.

A typical SQL workflow. Image courtesy of Prequel.

There are three main tasks around SQL that a data analyst wants to accomplish in his or her day-to-day: discover the right data, write queries and documentation, and share results. Today, data analysts are context-switching between Slack, Notion, Email, and Snowflake to get these things done. Even worse, most contextual information that a data analyst wants (e.g. queries that other people have written, the correct data for a particular use-case, and data lineage) does not exist anywhere except in people’s brains.

We believe that the optimal tool integrates all of these disjoint user journeys together. So we’ve built a vertically integrated workspace and context hub to supercharge these workflows and help save precious time. Let’s dive into the key features.

The QueryDoc

The QueryDoc Interface. Image courtesy of Prequel.

The QueryDoc is a document and query editor hybrid. Using the QueryDoc, users can write detailed notes alongside embeddable and executable SQL so that business and technical contexts are never lost. The QueryDoc is lean enough to work as the perfect lightweight notepad but robust enough to house your team’s shared documentation.

Data Discovery

The Data Discovery Interface. Image courtesy of Prequel. is built on top of a data discovery engine, meaning you’re not just writing your QueryDocs in a vacuum — you have precious context available in the same place. Our data discovery engine is an automated data catalog, metadata aggregator, and context hub that backlinks queries and documents back to datasets.’s built-in Data Discovery Engine surfaces all the context you need about data and queries as you’re doing your work — table schemas, lineage, query logs, links to QueryDocs, owners, and history.

Beyond SQL

But we envision to be much more than a tool for SQL. We are building for flexibility and comprehensiveness, so you can be more productive in dozens, if not hundreds, of other data workflows.

Here are some of the ways you can use

  1. SQL Notebook. Keep all of your queries in one place. Never dig for that SQL file ever again.
  2. Notes & Docs. Take personal notes as you do data work or build long-form documents to share with your team.
  3. Team Wiki. Build a data dictionary for metric and query definitions, a new member onboarding flow, or a general knowledge-base.
  4. Data Catalog. Metadata is automatically aggregated and version-tracked, so you always know when something changes — schemas, query logs, and lineage.

We’re constantly adding new features and workflows to the app. If you have suggestions, shoot me a message at!

Join our mission towards Data Productivity

This is just the beginning of a long journey to build the best, most comprehensive productivity tool for data analysts, and we’re so excited to unveil the tip of the iceberg. It’s about time that data analysts got the same quality of productivity tools that designers, engineers, and product managers have in their arsenal.

Join our mission for Data Productivity by signing up on our private beta at And stay tuned for more product updates by following us @prequel_ai. If you want to follow yours truly, I’m @josephmoon_ai.

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